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The Original Retainer

and Mouthguard Case

For On-The-Go Adventures.

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Meet the Rootainer

Made for those on-the-go

Attach to any backpack, waistband or pocket. Always there when you need it.

Saves Your Investment

Protect the initial cost of any retainer or mouthguard. No more thrown in trash or lost at school scenarios.

Safe and BPA Free

Made of food grade, FDA-compliant materials, these BPA free cases are durable and high-quality.

It all started with a lost retainer incident at school

RooTainer was created and made in the US by a mom and daughter team.



RooTainer - RooTainer
RooTainer - RooTainer RooTainer - RooTainer RooTainer - RooTainer

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Retainers and other dental devices are hard to keep up with, so we created a case that keeps up with you or your kid's lifestyle.

RooTainer is a cool dental device case that attaches to a waistband or backpack, ensuring that the device can be easily stored for safe keeping. It’s safe, durable and even customizable, so everyone can personalize their case.

Make it unique with a variety of color and decal options so it’s one of a kind just like your kid!

Safe: FDA-compliant, BPA free materials, and recyclable

Secure: Unique locking mechanism stands up to heavy use

Durable: Hinge withstands wear and tear, super strength 2mm construction

Hands Free: Attach to your backpack or waistband with the with the built-in carabiner hook or belt clip

Extra Ventilation: 30 holes to help the dental device dry quickly

Great Size: 3.09" Long x 3.34" Wide x 1.38" High

Easy to Clean: Top-rack dishwasher safe

Quit the Replacements

Replacing a retainer or mouthguard time and again can become expensive and exhausting.

The RooTainer case helps save money while keeping teeth and progress from braces protected.

Completely customizable

Who knew there could actually be a cool retainer case?

Choose from a variety of colors and decals that reflect individual personalities.

100% Safe

All our cases are made of food grade, FDA-compliant materials, and are BPA-free. Plus they're top-rack dishwasher safe.

What Others Are Saying...

"I love the concept of the RooTainer! Retainers are an invevitable part of orthodontic treatment, and compliance with their wear is key to maintaining all of the benefits of orthodontic therapy. The Rootainer makes it very easy for the child to keep track of their retainer, and to not lose it or break it."

– Mazyar Moshiri DMD, MS, FICD

"I love it! My old cases that I would get from my orthodontist were cheap and would break almost instantly. Now I have one that is durable and stays together without getting lost! I like that it clips right on and it's hard to tell it's even there!"

– Connor Kitchin, age 12 and RooTainer Senior Advisor

This case is awesome. I’ve been through many retainer cases that break or become gross over time. The RooTainer is a great case because it’s easily cleaned, dries quickly, and doesn’t pop open like the ones you get from the Orthodontist.

– Laura Ritthamel, 15-year retainer wearer