Our Story

cost of retainer replacementRooTainer was created like most new inventions - to address a specific problem. At five years old, my daughter began wearing a palatal expander. 

When I first realized how much a retainer cost, I couldn’t even imagine paying an additional $200 for the cost of a replacement retainer. Our additional insurance had covered some of the initial investment, but here we were, asking a kindergartner to be responsible for a costly device she was too young to even care about.

Like many other kids with retainers, she ended up losing it in the lunchroom when she placed it in a napkin on her lap, and just like that - we had to buy a replacement.

But what about finding a protective case that could eliminate the cost of a replacement retainer altogether?

After realizing the free case that was provided from our orthodontist just wouldn’t do the trick, I began searching where to buy a retainer case that was also durable and portable.

After researching for a solution, and coming up empty, we began to create our own solution: The RooTainer.

Our design has gone through various iterations and has continuously evolved based on feedback provided by both kids and parents alike. The best news: our RooTainer was made for any age.

We’re so thrilled to finally share our final product with you - a re-imagined, on-the-go protective case for retainers, mouthguards and other dental devices. 

Not only do these cases protect your investment, but our selection colors and vinyls actually make them cool! 

Stop spending unnecessary costs on replacements with our solution that keeps up with you or your child's busy lifestyle.

With Love,

Sarah and Lydia