Why Rootainer?

10 Other Things You Can Spend Your Money on Besides a Replacement Retainer for Teeth

So how much does a replacement retainer cost? The cost to replace a retainer is $200 on average for one or $400 for a full set.

With the RooTainer, you’re protecting your initial investment, allowing yourself to save the money you would have spent otherwise or invest in things that are more fun.

Here are 10 things you can do with the money saved from not needing to replace a dental device because of the RooTainer:

    1. Buy lots of wine without the whine
    2. Get a much needed massage
    3. Go on a small family stay-cation
    4. Buy 100 vanilla lattes at Starbucks
    5. Make a dent in that 20-year old student loan
    6. Replace your child’s lost glasses instead
    7. Replace the 50 Tupperwares that your child has never returned
    8. Get a mani-pedi
    9. Put the money in your kids college savings account
    10. Pay off your child’s boarding school tuition - just kidding!

Durable Protection

RooTainer not only helps save your initial investment, but keeps it well protected in a durable, secure construction. 

Wherever you go, RooTainer will be there too, saving both time and money.