Local mom and daughter team up to innovate the retainer case

Local mom and daughter team up to innovate the retainer case

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 Launch crowd-funding campaign to help save retainers one case at a time

 ST. LOUIS, Mo. – (February 4, 2019) – Thanks to the launch of RooTainer, parents of retainer-wearing kids are one solution away from never searching for (or replacing) expensive orthodontic retainers again.

Inspired by a lost retainer incident at school, St. Louis mom and entrepreneur Sarah Pierce collaborated with her daughter Lydia Pierce to come up with a solution to prevent retainer-wearing kids from losing their retainers.

At five years old, Sarah Pierce’s daughter began wearing a palatal expander – a big investment that her daughter was charged with keeping track of. Like many other kids with retainers, she lost it in the school lunch room as she put it in a napkin in her lap never to be seen again.

“I just knew there had to be a better option out there, but after scouring the market for such a solution, and coming up empty, we begin creating our own,” said Pierce.

RooTainer is a re-imagined retainer case that attaches to a waistband or backpack, ensuring that kids hold onto their retainer wherever their adventures lead them. It’s safe, durable and customizable, so every child is free to add some flair and Rock their Roo.

Unlike most cases on the market, the RooTainer case is built for on the go kids. The unique lock protects the case from opening accidentally with a specially-designed hinge that snaps on and off without breaking.

Made of food grade, FDA compliant materials, these BPA free cases are safe, high-quality and top-rack dishwasher safe.

 “When parents invest in orthodontics for their kids, wearing a retainer and keeping track of it is key,” added Pierce. “With RooTainer, we hope parents will see their investment in orthodontics pay off by not having to replace lost retainers while encouraging their kids to be compliant – helping sustain those beautiful smiles.”

Visit RooTainer’s Indiegogo Crowdfunding page to pre-order the RooTainer and learn more about the product that will save retainers (and parents’ investments!) one case at a time. Coming spring of 2019.


About RooTainer

RooTainer is a safe, secure, hands-free retainer case inspired by and built for active kids. It’s made of food-grade, FDA-compliant materials and features a lock and hinge that’s intended to withstand kids activities, a belt clip that can be worn on any waistband, pocket or backpack and custom decals to personalize. For more information, visit