Sweet Dental Retainer & Braces-Friendly Easter Basket Ideas!

Easter Basket Ideas

Enduring a lengthy orthodontic treatment plan is often fraught with frustrations and discomforts. Not the least of which is how patients must give up foods problematic to support their dental treatments, which can further add to their hardship. Sticky foods, gum, popcorn, and hard candy top the list of foods to avoid while wearing braces or a dental retainer. This eliminates many treat options kids typically enjoy on Easter morning!

Moms and dads are masterminds at helping kids avert disappointment. Finding items kids will enjoy they can safely eat when wearing braces or after taking out their dental retainer takes a bit of ingenuity but, it’s do-able. 

Today we’re sharing our top ideas on creating sweet dental retainer and braces-friendly Easter baskets kids will love!

Hollow Chocolate is Safe for Braces and Dental Retainers

In general, chocolate free from hard nuts, caramel, or other elements is a safe option to eat when wearing braces. This is great news for kids who simply can’t resist chomping down on a milky-sweet chocolate bunny ear on Easter morning! 

Easter chocolate for braces


However, be sure to select chocolate animals, eggs, and other novelties that are hollow. Solid chocolate treats are large and thick, and they can be difficult to bite through. This may pose a risk to braces and recently adjusted teeth. 

Hollow chocolate makes a great option to help kids satisfy their sweet at Easter without risking their orthodontic treatment progress.

Use Sugar Cookies for an Orthodontic-Friendly Egg Hunt!

Instead of hiding solid chocolate eggs, jelly beans, or creamy novelty eggs for kids to find, send them on a hunt for decorated cookies! Decorated sugar cookies are ideal for replacing other popular egg-shaped candies we’ve learned to expect in an egg hunt.

Plain sugar cookies decorated with icing won’t stick to braces, retainer wires, or other dental appliances kids may be required to wear by their orthodontic professionals. Sugar cookies can be baked at home using an egg-shaped cookie cutter then decorated with homemade or store-bought icing.  

Avoid Too-Hard Sugar Cookies

Another popular option is to purchase pre-decorated Easter-themed sugar cookies from the grocery store. If using purchased cookies, be sure they aren’t too hard or have candy decorations that could break off a bracket or bend a dental appliance wire.

Pastel Colored Macarons


Macarons are soft and sweet cookie treats that braces and retainer wearers can easily enjoy. They come in various colors and flavors, including soft pastel pinks, yellows, blues, or greens. Perfect for a spring brunch or as a pretty addition to your child’s Easter basket, macarons are trendy treats that won’t harm your child’s dental treatment plan.

For those with kids in the dental retainer stage of their orthodontic journey, be sure they have a safe place to store their retainer when enjoying their Easter treats!

Festive Marshmallow Treats  

Marshmallows are soft and not too sticky, making them just fine for orthodontic patients to enjoy. At Easter, several types of marshmallow treats can be found on the shelves of your local grocery stores. For a more convenient and contact-free shopping experience, they can be purchased online.

A cost-effective option is to use an inexpensive bag of large marshmallows to create a basketful of tasty treats the orthodontist will approve of! Use any of the following ideas for inspiration:

  • Dip marshmallows in melted chocolate.
  • Dip marshmallows in colorful candy melts.
  • Make marshmallows candy-pops using candy sticks.

Add Fun Dental Care Items

Avoid the sugar-overload and encourage excellent oral hygiene by adding some fun dental care items to the Easter gifts. Some ideas for little oral care treats to fill a basket with could include:

The lip balm and orthodontic wax are small enough to put in those little plastic eggs.

Care for Your Child’s Dental Retainer and Braces this Easter Season

Spring is a fun season with fresh treats that don’t have to be avoided entirely by those with dental retainers or other oral appliances. With the right tools, information, and some creative juice, every holiday can be special for everyone in your family. Even those in the midst of monthly orthodontic treatments. For more tips to care for your family’s oral health, be sure to follow the RooTainer blog.