Choose a Durable Retainer Case To Support Dental Treatments

Choose a Durable Retainer Case To Support Dental Treatments

When your child starts wearing a dental retainer, it's likely after months or even years of wearing braces, palate expanders or other uncomfortable dental appliances. In this stage of the orthodontic process, your child is undoubtedly done with the discomfort of their lengthy treatment plan. Telling them that it's now time to wear - and care for, a dental retainer, is easier said than done. However, getting them to wear their retainer is crucial to support and maintain those newly straightened and beautiful teeth.

This is why a durable retainer case is a must to successfully complete the final stage of your child's orthodontic treatment plan. Durable retainer cases provide an easy solution that helps make caring for your child's retainer simple. And parents, encouraging good care of a dental retainer is extremely important. Despite your child's teeth looking straight and healthy when the braces come off, the alignment process is not finished.

At RooTainer, our mission is to help families protect the time and investment put into their child's dental care. Our dental retainer cases are designed to support and protect years of dental treatments.

Protect Dental Gear With A Durable Retainer Case

Protecting a dental retainer from damage is vital to the success of your child's treatment plan. If a retainer becomes damaged, it can negatively affect your child's overall orthodontic course, potentially adding months to the end of treatments. Additionally, repairing or replacing a dental retainer can cost hundreds of dollars.

Durable retainer cases protect your child's dental retainer from becoming broken and damaged. Retainers are delicate and can be damaged easily, especially at times they are not being worn. For example, when your child is eating or participating in active sports. If your child has easy access to a protective case to store their retainer, they'll be better able to keep it safe.

A Durable Retainer Case Promotes Consistency

Most orthodontists will tell you how important it is to wear a retainer as per the doctor's prescribed directions. And, to remain consistent about wearing a retainer, its location should be known at all times. However, many children and teenagers are quite good at misplacing their expensive dental retainer.

Retainer cases that your kids like help them keep track of their retainer. And, the better your kids are at not losing their retainer, the more likely they will be to wear it consistently. This will help keep their teeth straight and healthy for years to come.

Promote Dental Health with a Durable Retainer Case

Dental appliances, including retainers, are naturally exposed to all kinds of bacteria and viruses as they are in regular, direct contact with mouths. Storing them in a retainer case that doesn't allow adequate ventilation can encourage mold and bacterial growth within the case and on the retainer.

Plaque and bacteria can grow easily in a moist and humid environment, such as a retainer case without ventilation holes. This bacteria can end up back in your child's mouth and lead to a greater risk for them to develop tooth decay. Using a retainer case designed to minimize bacterial growth will help protect your child's teeth in the long run.

How to Clean the Retainer Case

RooTainer cases are also easy to clean. Wash them by hand with gentle soap and water, or pop them into the top rack of your dishwasher for an even easier option. After cleaning, be sure to dry them with a clean cloth or let them air dry.

A Portable Retainer Case Is Convenient

When wearing an orthodontic retainer is easy and simple, kids are more likely to follow their orthodontist's treatment plan. An excellent way to make it easy for them is with a retainer case that is portable and versatile

RooTainer dental retainer cases are convenient and able to go anywhere with your child. This is a great way to encourage them to properly care for their retainer. Having a storage case for their dental retainer handy will help prevent it from becoming lost or damaged.

Clip a Rootainer on the outside of a backpack, pop one in your kids' lunch kit, or keep an extra one on your child's nightstand.

Choose From A Durable Retainer Case Collection

Durable retainer cases from RooTainer come in several colors and style options every kid or teenager will appreciate. Our collection of cases have strong snap locks and can be easily customized to match individual preferences. To view all our retainer case options, visit our online shop.